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Game Play Tutorial


Once you are done incorporating territories go ahead and close the "Incorporations" window, then click on the "Continue to Gifts" tab on the upper left hand corner of your game application. This will open the "Gifts" window.

There are two different kinds of gifts that you may do. You may gift either territories or you may gift resources. Each is described below.

Gifting Resources: The first gifting option on your "Gift" window is the gifting of resources. You may give any number of resources (Up to the total that you have saved) to any other nation in the game. First, chose a nation from the pull down menu of nations (the first one, not the lower one), then you may use the up and down errors to adjust the number of resources you wish to gift that nation. For the gifting of resources there is a 20% (rounded down) fee on gifts. For instance, gift a nation 5 resources and they will only recieve 4. Once you have the number chosen that you would like to gift, simply press the "Agree" button.

Gifting Territories: The other gifting option is you may gift territories (one at a time) to another nation. To gift a territory chose the nation to recieve the gift on the pull down list of nations (the lower one on the right) and press the "Gift" button. Once you have done that you may click on any territory on the map that your nation currently owns and that territory will be gifted to the selected nation. If the territory you are gifting was incorporated it will turn white. However, non incorporated territories, which are already white, will have no visual indicator that your gifting action was successful. But if you clicked on the territory after chosing a nation and pressing the "Gift" button, then the territory will indeed be gifted..

You may not gift territories you do not own. Further, if you gift a city territory and its one you tried to build units our of this turn, your builds will not be placed and you will be refunded for those builds.

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