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1483 Online Variants

Welcome to the 1483 Variants page. From here you can follow the links below to play 1483 Online game variants. Unless otherwise notes, you will need an Enhanced Membership in order to play in a game variant. But don't worry, your Europe 1483 and Full World 1483 remain free

1430 AD: Europe 1483 Variant

1430 AD is a 29 player variant using the 1483 Online European map. Set in the year 1430 AD, just 53 years before 1483, but much on the map is changed. Russia and Spain are not yet united, the Golden Horde and Union of Kalmar (Denmark + Sweden) are the two strongest nations, the Hundred Years War between England, France and Burgundy still rages. The Ottomans have a fragile hold in Europe, with Constantinople still holding strong against their advances. Dehli has yet to grow into the dominant power in India. Introducing new core rules where some territories can be core to more than one nation. Click Here to check it out.

A FREE game variant, open to all.

Other Variants In the Works: Europe 800 AD (a 1483 Full World Variant)

If you have thoughts or ideas on how we can make variants better or for new variant scenarios, drop by our Discussion Forums.

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