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Nation Standings Page

The Nation Standings Page also provides a complete list of nations. On the right hand side the page lists the user name of the person playing the nation. Like the Diplomatic Standings Page, this is hyperlinked and if you click on a user's name, you will be taken to the mail compose page where you may send that player a message.

Each Nation has next to it a number, followed by a plus sign and a second number. The first number represents the amount of resources the nation currently draws from incorporated territories. The second number represents the resources the nation earns each turn from trade.

Additionally, on the right hand side of the page, the current status of the nation is given. If the nation is currently being player, the page lists the user name of the player in charge of the nation. If the nation is still in the game, but has no player currently, it will be listed as "Open". Open nations are those you may still sign up to play. A nation that has been completely defeated is listed as "Defeated".

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