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Download & Installation Tutorial

When upgrading to a new version of the software, it is Very Important that you first remove the old version of the software from your computer.. If you do not first uninstall the version you are currently using, you may not be able to install a newer version or it will only partially update and you will not benefit from all fixes or may even encounter other errors.

To uninstall the game, you must reach the "Add and Remove Programs" function of your computer's control panel. You may reach there one of several ways.

1) From your desk top, if you click on "My Computer", you will get a navigation screen. On the upper left hand corner of that screen there should be a link to "Add and Remove Programs".

2) Or you may click start, run. (see Picture 1 below). Type "Control Panel" without the quotation marks. (see Picture 2 below).

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

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