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Download & Installation Tutorial

Once you have completed the uninstall of the 1483 program, we next advise you go to your desk top (or other location) where you had originally saved the download of the 1483 Online software. Delete that file. This way when you download the new version and go to install it, you can't mix up the old and new versions and install the old one by accident.

You may now go download the newest version of the software and install it. Unlike the first time you installed the program, this time you do not need to use the "Full Installer" and should instead only download the Basic Installer.

The Basic Installer is not a multiple of files all compressed into a single download via a file compression program like WinRar or WinZip. Instead it is a single file named "Setup.msi". Once you download the "Basic Installer", simply go to your desk top or the folder where you have saved the file and double click on it and installation shall proceed.

That concludes our instructions on how uninstall 1483 Online in order to install a newer version of the software. If you need a more general overview of how to download 1483 Online, you may review our tutorial on downloading and installing the "Full Installer" by clicking on the link below.

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