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A Note About Diplomacy:

Ok, so we've talked about how to set your diplomacy settings. But those are merely tools to help show your intent when moving your military units. 1483 Online is called a game of "Diplomacy & Conquest" specifically because the "Diplomacy" element is pretty much absolutely essential for you ever to achieve any of the conquests. With 28 players per game, every nation is near multiple other nations. Troops one the defensive are generally more efficient (for the money), so with two evenly matched forces, the nation on the defensive will almost always be able to hold off conquest. So if you hope to gain the advantage on the battle field, you must first gain the diplomatic advantage by putting together an alliance of nations to wage war against the target you hope to conquer.

Since all principle nations in the game are player positions, this means you will have to conduct diplomacy with other players. You would use the 1483 mail system to send your diplomatic messages to these other players. What form your diplomatic messages take will depend entirely upon the strategy you chose based on what nation you are playing. Each nation begins in its own unique position on the game map and thus needs to have its diplomacy handled differently.

What are common diplomatic arrangements? Well, there is the ever popular general alliance, where two or more nations decide to team up to fight alongside each other for mutual benefit. They share in the conquests and come to the aid of their fellow allies when they come under attack. There is the non aggression pact, which basically only means that two nations agree its in their best interest to not go to war with each other. More, they might set commonly agreed upon amount of units to have stationed along the territories of their common border. The defensive pact is one where two nations not only agree to peaceful relations, but they also agree to come to each others aid, but only if the one is attacked by another nation, as oppossed to being the nation that began that war. But you are not limited in any way as to what agreements you make (excepting being limited only by the game system will allow. For instance, there is no option to gift troops) with other players, nor are you actually bound to honor any agreement you make. Only your reputation can be affected.

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