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Game Play Tutorial

Naval Movement:

Launching the Game Map..

Ok, so you've set your diplomatic settings and are ready to move onto the playing the rest of your turn? Ok. On the Diplomacy Settings Page, at the bottom of the page, there is a link to "Continue to Naval Movements & Launch Game Map Application". Click that link to proceed to the next phase. This will launch the 1483 Online Game Map, which will open up in a separate window. NOTE: You must also keep this window open. If you close this window the game map application will also close.

Once the game map launches you will see a window with a advertisement on top and the game map below. The game map is fairly large and hence can not be seen all at once within the window. You will need to use the scroll bars to scroll right and down to see the whole of the game map. If you need help figuring out where your nation is, we have two options to assist you.

1) You may visit our Nation History pages on the internet, or click on the "Histories" button in your game application to see the same pages within the game application. Merely click on your nation on the map, or if you are unsure where that is, scroll to the lower part of that page and click on the name of the nation you are playing. This will take you to that nation's information page, where it will provide you a map with a box drawn around the lands your nation begins with and assorted other information about your nation.

2) The map on the game application has a feature which will tell you the nation of each territory and which nation currently owns it. To activate this feature, however, you must first proceed on to the Naval Movement Phase. (don't worry, you have to do this anyway to play any part of your turn). Look at the upper left hand part of your game application and you will see a single tab that says Begin Naval Movements. Click that and you will be ready to move on to conduct your naval movements. But clicking that also activates the territory naming and owner feature. You may now hover you mouse over any territory and the game will display a small message stating the name of the territory and the nation that currently owns the territory. Don't worry, every territory has its name posted in the territory normally anyway. Only once you start dragging units around, it is possible to cover up a part of that name, so this feature will allow you to see the territory name in such a case.

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