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Game Play Tutorial

Naval Movement:

Ok, now that you are in the naval movement phase, you may move in to all of your ships. Not all nations even start with ships, so how many ships (if any) you have at the start of play will depend on which nation you are playing. If you look around the map at both ships and land units you will see that some icons have different numbers posted inside them. These numbers indicate how many of that unit type are represented by the unit icon on the map. Hence a little infantry unit with a "4" in its shield actually means that there are 4 infantry in that territory owned by that unit. Whenever there are more than one unit present within a unit icon, we call this a "Stack" of units.

You can move an entire stack of units simply by clicking on the stack you intend to move, holding down on the mouse, and then dragging the mouse into the sea zone you intend to move to. Remember, you can not move a ship more sea zones away than is allowed by the Game Rules. Make sure to move your mouse smoothly and not too quickly and to let the mouse hover over the target sea zome for a moment or two, until you see the unit icon make the move to the correct location. Once you have click and dragged a unit, you may still pick it up and drag it to a different location if you have changed your mind. You may do this as many times as desired so long as you continue to place it into a sea zone which is a valid move and you have not clicked the tab to move onto the next game phase.

But what if you only want to move some of the units within a stack? No problem. At any time you may right click on a unit stack to remove one unit from the stack. That one unit will then be spawned off into its own 1 count unit stack and may be moved separately.

If you intend to use the Bridging Feature or to load land units onto ships for transport (we'll explain that when explaining land movement), then you will want to make sure to unstack your ships during the naval movement phase. Unstack meaning to remove units from a stack one by one until you have all 1 count stacks of ships. For ease of loading land units onto the ships, make sure to spread the ships around the sea zone so as to have visual access to all ships.

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