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Game Play Tutorial

Bridging & Loading Ships

Below is an image to help us illistrate how you load units onto a ship, either for the purpose of "Bridging" or simply to load the ships for transport on a future turn.

A Merchantmen ship can hold a total one (2) Infantry or (1) Knight, Cavalry, or Artillery. A Ship of the Line can hold a total of just (1) Infantry. Either ship can load a general on them in addition to the above mentioned units (See image below), as they do not use up any of a ships "Load Capacity".

If you are loading ships for the purpose of moving those ships to another sea zone, then you must not have moved the ships during this turn's naval movement phase. No, unstacking ships does NOT count as having moved them. Since you move the land units onto ships during your Land Movement phase, once loaded, you obviously can not move the ships this turn. Further, next turn, after you have moved the ships, your units on board those ships can not disembark from those ships that turn. You can only move units off a ship on a turn where those ships did not move that turn.


Since you can only move units onto a ship that did not move and can only move units off a ship that did not move, the process of moving units both onto, then off ships in the same turn is called "Bridging". In the first image below you can see a Merchantmen ship loaded with two infantry and a general. These units began the turn in the territory of Bombay. During the Naval Movement phase the Merchantmen unit was not moved, so it remained eligible to have land units moved onto it. During the Land Movement Phase (which we will go over next) the two infantry and general were moved onto the ship. Now, its still in the middle of the land movement phase and since the merchantment had not moved, its also eligible to have troops moved off it. So as you can see in image 2 below, you can see the two infantry and general were moved off into the territory of Oman. This process of loading ships onto a ship, then offloading them off the ships into another land territory that borders the sea zone the ships are in, all in the same turn, is called bridging.

You may bridge units onto a ship and then onto another land territory so long as both origin and destination territory border the sea zone that the ship that will faccilitate the bridging is in. You MAY NOT move units onto a ship in one sea zone, then attempt to transfer them onto a ship in an adjacent sea zone.

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