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Game Play Tutorial

Land Movement & Combat:

Ok, so you have moved all of your ships that you wanted to move. Its now time to move onto land movements and to prepare for your combats. In the upper left hand corner of your 1483 map application click on "Continue to Land Moves".

Ok, now you may move any to all of your land moves. All land units have a movement allowance of either 1 or 2 moves. For land units with one movement, this keeps things easy. Infantry and Artillery have movement allowances of 1 and thus they can be moved into any territory that is adjacent to the one they began the turn into. Or, as we have discussed already, they may be loaded onto ship in a sea zone adjacent to the land territory they begin in, and once on those ships they may also be "Bridged" over to another land territory adjacent to that sea zone.

For units with two movement points (Cavalry, Knights and Generals), those units may move into territories either adjacent to the territory they begin in, or they may move into territories that are two away. However, in certain cases territories that are two moves away will not be legal moves. For instance, if there is an enemy (or neutral) unit in a territory adjacent to the one your unit began in, then you may NOT move through/over that unit to reach a territory that is beyond. Though this movement is not allowed only if ALL paths to reach it are similarly blocked.

In the two images below we shall attempt to illustrate the two movement issue. Image number one shows the units prior to movement. Image number two shows several movement variants, some which are valid and some which are not.

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