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Game Play Tutorial

Build Land Units

Ok, so you've moved all of your units, both naval and land units. Now its time to build your new units. What's that? What about combat? That doesn't happen yet. In fact, that won't happen while you are conducting your turn at all. Hm, yes, lets go over that little detail now...

The way 1483 Online works is, you have a set amount of time to play your turn and get it uploaded to our servers. Once you have completed your game turn and uploaded, our system holds it, and all other turn submissions from other players, until it is time to update the turn. At that time everyone's turn data is combined and the server figures out where everyone moved to and where combats (both naval and land) shall happen, which it then handles those combats and all related turn submission issues. The total turn results are then made available for you to download in your game application so you can see the turn results and play your next turn.

Moving on. Building land units. When you are ready to build your new land units, click on the "Continue to Build Land Units" on the upper left hand corner of your game application. A 3rd game window will load (see the image below) and give you the option of building the various land units. On this window you will see a picture icon of each unit type, plus little arrows you may click on to adjust the quantity of that type of unit you want to purchase. As you click up or down the game application will automatically adjust the total amount of resources you have available to spend. You may not spend more than the total number of resources you have available. Additionally, you might not want to spend all yur money on troops, as you may want some to do economic development or territory incorporations (we'll cover those two topics coming up).

To build units, once you have added the units you wish to purchase into your buying window (by using the arrows next to each unit to adjust desired quantity up or down), then you must press the "PURCHASE" button. After hitting the purchase button that button will temporarily be disabled, so you can not press it again before placing the troops you are currently trying to purchase. Now, you must chose the city territory on the map that your country owns and has "Incorporated" (we'll talk about Incorporations coming up). You may only build land units out of city territories and only a city territory you control and have incorporated. To place your newly built units in one of these cities, after hitting the "Purchase" button, place your mouse over the desired territory and left click. Try to left click as close to the center of the territory because once the new units have been placed they can not be replaced.

Also note, that once you have hit the "Purchase" button, your MONEY (Resources) have been spent, even if you fail to place your purchased units. If you try and place units into a territory which they can not legally be placed, the units will not place, though the purchase button will remain non active and you may click on other territories until you successfully click on a valid build city territory.

Also note, if you close the Buy Land Units window there is no way to re open it except to close the program out entirely, relaunch and replay your turn. Additionally, if you have selected units to purchase units and hit "Purchase", then do not successfully place the units before closing the Buy land UNits Window, then you will not get the troops AND the money will remain spent. If this happens by accident while you are playing your turn, we advise to close the program, relaunch and replay your turn.

You must purchase units for placement in a specific territory. You do not, for example, buy 6 infantry, then click to place some of them in one territory and others in some other territories. You must pick only those units you wish to build in a specific place, hit the Purchase button, then click on that territory to place them. You may then repeat that process as many times as neccessary to build and place all the land units you want.

Lastly, if you attempt to place new units on a city that you end up losing control of due to combats that happen during turn processing, those new troops will not get placed, but you will be refunded for their value and that money will be added to your nation's saved money and will be available to spend on the following turn.

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