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Game Play Tutorial

Economic Development.

Once you have completed purchasing your sea units its time to move on to the Economic Development phase of your game turn. You can go ahead and close out the Buy Sea Units window, then click the "Continue to Economic Development" tab on the upper left hand corner of your game application.

Economic Development allows you a chance at increasing the resource value of territories you control. Once the Economic Development window opens, you may then selectively chose territories that you would like to try and increase the value of. Each such attempt will cost you resources. Starting at 6 resources for zero and one resource point territories and increasing from there. You may try, at maximum, one economic development attempt per territory per turn, though there is no limit to how many different territories you try for in a single turn. The only limit is how much money you have to spend on attempts.

Once you have chosen a territory you would like to attempt to develop, simply move your mouse over that territory and left click on it. Nothing will appear to happen, but your available resources will be reduced by the amount neccessary for the economic development attempt for that particular territory. Don't worry that nothing seems to happen. Your attempt has become a part of your game turn. Each attempt carries a 50% chance of success, but the outcome of the attempt itself will not be determined until the update time for the game. You can check to see if an attempt was succesful by checking the game map after the turn has been updated.

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