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Game Play Tutorial


Done with Economic Developments? The next phase in your turn will be the "Incorporations" phase. You may go ahead and close the economic development window, then click on the " Continue to Incorportions" tab on the upper left hand corner of your game application. When you do the "Incorporation" window shall open.

What is territory "Incorporation"? Incorportion represents an investment a nation must make into a newly conquered territory before it can successfully govern it and get the resource value of the territory for each turn. As you capture a territory from an enemy nation that nation can no longer collect the resources (money) from that territory, however, merely having possession of the territory does not entitle you to those resources either. Before you can begin collecting those resources each turn you must first "Incorporate" the territory.

To incorporate a territory will cost you resources. A standard territory (non city) will cost you twice its recource value to incorporate. For example, a territory with a resource cost of 3 will cost you a one time expense of 6 resources to incorporate. City territories, however, are more costly to incorporate and will cost you four times the cost of the territory to incorporate. Hence the city of Venice, with a resource value of 11 will cost you 44 resources one time to incorporate. Once your "Incorporation" window has opened you may left click on any territory you control, but have yet to incorporate to incorporate it. When you do so the resources to incorporate the territory will be deducted from your available resources and the territory will go from being white to being colored the color of your nation.

Incorporating a territory brings a few benefits. First and foremost, each turn thereafter, you will earn the resources from that territory, which will add to the amount of resources (money) you will have available to use on the following turn. Additionally, you must begin a turn with an incorporated city if you intend to build new units out of that city that turn. Any territory you own with a port in it must also have begun the turn as incorporated if you intend to build any ships out of it this turn.

Home Territories: All territories a nation begins the game with are considered home territories. A home territory is always FREE for its origin nation to incorporate. Further, a home territory is freely incorporated on the very same turn that it is recaptured by its original owner, whereas all other nations must wait until the turn after to be given the option of incorporating a captured territory.

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