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Game Play Tutorial

Once you have chosen a game search preference and hit the button, you will be taken to the Game Search Results Page. What you will see on this page is a list of games. Game are all marked by Game Number. Each game will list how many turns have already been played, how many players are currently subscribed, the game speed and the game schedule.

If a game has zero turns played, it means it in a new game that is still forming. A game's "speed" represents how many turns per week the game has and "Updates On" tells which days of the week that game turns are due by. Game turns are always due by Midnight, Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on the days that a turn is due. Number of players lists how many players are currently subscribed to the game. All games have a maximum number of players of 28. Newly forming games MUST have all 28 player positions filled before the game can begin. If there are less than 28 players in an ongoing game, it could be partially due to some nations have been eliminated and others have been abandoned.

To see a list of available nations that can be played in a particular game, click on the Game Number to go to that game's page.

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