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Game Play Tutorial

Ok, so now we've got you signed up to a game. We can proceed with getting your first game turn in. For this, YOU MUST USE THE 1483 GAME APPLICATION, not the website. While many basic features of the 1483 game are duplicated on the internet; things such as game searches, e-mail, the forums, etc, in order to play a game turn and access ther game map, you will need to launch and use the 1483 Online software.

On your desk top you will find a 1483 Online desk top icon that looks like the small image below. If this is your very first time ever launching the software, on some computers, this image may not have loaded in yet and you will only see a generic program icon and the words "1483 Online!". The regular desk top icon should show as soon as you double click on the desk top icon.

Once you launch your 1483 Online game application the first thing you will need to do is login. After logging in, you will be taken to your "MY 1483" page, as shown by the image below. Your "My 1483" page will list links to several account setting options. For more information and help on adjusting your account settings, please visit our Create Account Tutorial.

Below your account setting links, you should see a list of games you are subscribed to. All standard format games are listed as "Europe 1483 Online Games". To go to the Game Page for a game in order to play your turn, click on the game number for that game. See image below.

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