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Game Play Tutorial

You should now find yourself back on the Game Page for the game you are playing in. This is the same page that you visited originally to sign up to the game, though now that you are signed up you should see that the page is a bit different.

Each game page contains several elements. First it says which turn was the last turn completed, followed by which turn is currently due and the due date and time which it is due by. Next it reminds you which nation you are playing and also says weather you have have already submitted the current turn or not.

The next couple of links are to pages that provide vital game data. These we will go over in more detail on the next couple tutorial pages. However, once you are ready to go on to play your game turn, you will find a link near the bottom of the page that simply says Play Turn. Press that to start your game turn. If you have already submitted your turn, this link will instead say "View Map". Both links will ultimately take you to the game map, only if you have already submitted your turn, then the map you will get will only be a map for viewing only.

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