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Game Play Tutorial

Diplomacy Standings Page.

This page will provide you a table with a list of all 28 player nations. The nation names themselves are hyperlinked. If you click on them, it will take you to the 1483 mail system's compose mail page. This will allow you to send an e-mail to the player in control of that nation in the game. These e-mails are only sent to the player's in box here on 1483, not their real e-mail address. For further information on the 1483 mail system and how to use it you can read our Mail & Diplomacy Tutorial.

The next link in the table will take you to the player profile for the player in control of that nation. The third link will take you to the nation history page for that nation, where you can view the nation's map location, starting troops, resources and history.

Lastly, there are three columns that indicate your current diplomatic settings towards each nation. The options are "At War", "Neutral" and "Allied". We'll go over these settings and their game play ramifications a little later in this tutorial.

Below the table there are two other links of note. The first of these is the link that will allow you to send "Global Messages". A Global Message is a message that will be sent to all players and observers currently subscribed to the game. And the last link lists "Wars Around The World". This page provides a list of all nations that have declared official wars against other players. It is important to understand, however, that this is not a complete list of nations currently waging wars against each other, only a list of officially declared wars.

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