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About 1483 AD: A 1483 Online Variant

1430 AD is a 1483 Online game variant. It is based off the Europe 1483 Online game map. It is FREE to Download the game application. Game play for 1483 Online is Free and you can Creat An Account any time. 1430 AD is a variant game that only players with an Empires of History Enhanced Membership can play. Visit our Enhanced Membership page for membership package details. Memberships cost just $9.95 per year.

The 1430 AD game variant is similar to 1483 in that it is still set in the medieval player and most of the nations you recognize from the 1483 time period are still around. However, a great deal is also different, including a major change in the power balance on the map. Powerhouses such as Spain and Russia are now both represented by two states each and individually much weaker. The Ottomans are only half as strong, just recovering from their conflict with Timurlane and not yet having take the all important city of Constantinople. The Teutons are stronger and a more viable balance against the Polish/Lithuanian state. The Golden Horde is the most powerful state on the map, but its territory is stung out and difficult to defend. Dehli owns only its core lands and begins only marginally stronger than the Bahamani state. And lastly, the mighty empire of Timurlane had recently broken apart, giving rise to the two states of Samarkand and Herat, both rules by Timurlanes sons. They hold a lot of land, but due to the breakup of the empire, their armies are disorganized and centered on the capitals and not along the borders.

In western Europe the Hundred Years Wars between England, France, Burgundy and Scotland is in full stride. The Union of Kalmar has formed, linking Denmark and Sweden into a single nation, but its decentralized command has led to a reduction in the organization of the military. Spain is still the two states of Castile and Aragon, not yet having merged to create the Kingdom of Spain. Russia is the two principalities of Novgorod and Vladimir, just prior to the rise of the principality of the Muscovy. And the lands of the White Sheep Turks are split between the White Sheep Turks and Black Sheep Turks. All in all, the 1430 AD variant provides a 29 player game with a lot of small nations in a time before the "great empire" began to rise.

For further information on the 1430 nations, visit the 1430 Nation Pages or you can also visit the 1483 Nation Pages.

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