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1430 AD Game Variant: Nation Information & Histories

Click on a nation on the map below to visit that nation's detail page or Click Here for a complete list of nations. To discuss strategies, the history of, or other information like book recommendations, web resources, etc, visit the 1483 Discussion Forums.

The 1430 game variant offers significant changes from the standard Europe 1483 game scenario. There are 29 players rather than 28. Russia is not a nation and had been replaced by the two Russian Principalities of Novgorod and Vladimir. Naples is a non player nation in this variant and there is no Khanate of Kazan. Spain has not yet been unified and exists as the two kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. The Kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden are unified as the Union of Kalmar. The Golden Horde is the most powerful nation on the map at the start of play. The White Sheep Turks have not yet unified their lands and exist as the two states of the Black Sheep Turks and White Sheep Turks. And lastly, England and France are in the middle of fighting the Hundred Years War with the new state of Burgundy smack in the middle.

1430 Ad also introduces the concept of shared core territories. This means that some territories are core to more than one nation. For this scenario, the dual core territories are: 1) All of France is core to Burgundy and France, 2) The western half of Burgundy is core to Burgundy and France, 3) The Eastern half of Burgundy is core to both Burgundy and Germany, 4) All of Herat's core lands and all of Samarkand's core lands are mutually core to both nations.

List of Player Nations in 1483.

Kingdom of Scotland
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Aragon
Kingdom of Castile
Kingdom of Portugal
Sultanate of Morocco
Hasfid Caliphate
Dutchy of Burgundy
Republic of Venice
Germany (Holy Roman Empire)
Kingdom of Hungary
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Poland - Lithuania
Teutonic Order
Union of Kalmar
Principality of Novgorod
Principality of Validimir
The Golden Horde
Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt
The White Sheep Turks
Sultanate of Herat
The Black Sheep Turks
Sultanate of Kashmir
Sultanate of Dehli (India)
Bahamani Kingdom
Uzbeck Khanate
Mongol Khanate
Sultanate of Samarkand

List of Non Player Nations in 1430.

Non Player Nations

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